Hurricane Grill & Wings first blew open its doors in April 1995 at our original location overlooking the ocean in Ft. Pierce, Florida. It didn’t take long for our guests from near and far to crave our more than 35 varieties of award-winning wings, which have become the signature of the Hurricane Grill & Wings menu. As a true opportunity to Live With Flavor™ the whole family can enjoy, Hurricane Grill & Wings is unlike any other restaurant…here you can escape anytime you like. Just walk in, take a seat, kick back, and experience a world of delicious food, exhilarating flavors, and no worries.



Hurricane Grill & Wings strives to bring you a remarkable experience and maintain a unique

sense of family and camaraderie with our employees, guests, and neighbors. We are committed to quality, value, and total guest satisfaction. We use all-natural, premium chicken and produce which is sourced directly from dedicated growers.

At each restaurant, we want to be a valuable member and advocate of that community.

That’s why it’s required of our restaurants to continually work to support community based programs and efforts through active participation, fundraisers, sponsorships, and much more. At every restaurant, the welfare of our employees, guests, and community members will always be an essential part of who we are.